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real-time search

Search while you type

Visitors only have to type a few letters to immediately see search results in the search bar. Fast, targeted and extremely precise. This way, you can easily lead them to that one answer to a question, or information about a service or product.
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analytics & reporting

Real-time insights

Better site search starts with insight. When you know what your visitors are looking for, you can provide the content they want. Pandosearch gives you this insight, with detailed reports and analytics about your visitor’s search behaviour.

boosting & keymatching

Boost search results

Boosting means that you selectively mark content as important. In this way you determine which content appears higher in the search results. This is useful to boost landing pages with a lot of text or to put extra emphasis on that one article that contains important information.
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pdf search

Search PDF documents

Give your visitors access to the content of PDF documents available on your website, so they get only the most relevant documents in the search results.
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Spelling correction, Auto-complete, Suggestions & Synonyms

Help your visitors from the moment they type the first letter. Pandosearch suggests search terms, corrects typos and even knows when the visitor actually means something else.
Card with a search bar where the search query contains a spellings mistake, which is corrected in the search results
Check with spelling correction. I.e. cnotact gives the suggestion Did you mean 'contact'?
Aliases for search terms that mean the same thing. A search for check or invoice will give the same search result in both cases.
Suggestions and auto-completion based on what visitors type: Pan suggests About Pandosearch.
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highlight search words

Mark search queries

The search query is made visible in the results by highlighting it with a featured color. Use your company brand colors to match the look and feel of your website.
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facets & filters

Categorize content

Facets and filters dynamically narrow down the number of search results. This ensures a much better user experience for your visitors. Our search specialists are happy to help you to set this up.

admin panel

Pandosearch allows you to manage your site search. In addition to reports and information about the crawlers, you can see which content is indexed and manage the synonyms.

multiple crawlers

Pandosearch is ideally suited for large websites with a lot of text and a complex structure. This often requires several crawlers to ensure that all content is indexed in real time.

non-public url's

Sometimes you want to make non-public URLs visible in the search results. That is possible! When required, we can also add meta-data to your content in order to increase discoverability.

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