Lightning-fast searches with our award-winning search function

Our award-winning search solution is packed with useful features to help your visitors search your website. Pandosearch processes more than 68 million searches per year for its customers.
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Search while typing

Visitors only have to type a few letters to immediately see search results and search suggestions in the search bar. Fast, targeted and extremely precise. This way, you can easily lead them to that one answer to a service question, or information about a service or product.

Boosting of search results

Boosting means that you selectively mark content as important. In this way you determine which content appears higher in the search results. This is useful to boost landing pages with a lot of text or to put extra emphasis on that one article that contains important information.
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Real-time reporting and analytics

Better sitesearch starts with insight. Because if you know what your visitors are looking for, you can respond to this with your content. The Admin Panel of Pandosearch gives you the reports in analytics to perfectly attune your information supply to your visitors.

Mutli-language support

Pandosearch also supports complex multilingual websites so all your multi-language content becomes searchable through one search bar.
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Auto-complete, suggestions, synonyms and spelling correction

Help your visitors from the moment they type the first letter in the search bar. Pandosearch suggests the search term, corrects typos and even knows that the visitor actually means something else.
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Check with spelling correction. I.e. Pandosaerch gives the suggestion Did you mean: Pandosearch?
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Synonyms are aliases for search terms that mean the same thing. I.e. a search for bbq or barbecue will give the same search result in both cases.
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Suggestions and auto-completion based on what visitors type. I.e. typing Pan suggests About Pandosearch..

Admin Panel

In the Admin Panel you manage the Pandosearch search functionality yourself. In addition to reports and information about the crawlers, you can see which content is indexed and manage the synonyms.
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Manage synonyms and indexed content
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View reports and crawlers.
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Search term marking

The search term is made visible in the search results by highlighting it with, for example a featured color. You can style this yourself in the house style of your website.

Facets and Filters

Facets and filters dynamically reduce the number of search results on one or more properties. Sounds complicated but ensures better search results. Our search specialists are happy to help.
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Indexing of non-public URLs and extraction of content

Sometimes you want to make non-public URLs visible in the search results. That is possible! When required, we can also add meta-data to content to increase findability, and if necessary, Pandosearch can even extract certain parts of content to make them findable as separate search results.

Continuous content indexing with multiple crawlers

Pandosearch is ideally suited for large websites with a lot of text and a complex structure. It is then often useful to have several crawlers running so that all content is indexed in real time and thus continuously indexed continuously. This way, your visitors always find your most current content offerings.
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