– How We work –

Tailor-made site search

With an enthusiastic team, we have been working on search technology for over 10 years, with passion and personal attention for our customers.

Let's talk!

We believe in a personal approach. Our search specialists will review your current website while you indicate which content is most important. Our algorithm then determines the relevant keywords per page. Implementation then proceeds while staying in close contact, with room for feedback. Even after delivery, we keep in regular contact with you to check whether everything is still going according to plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Pandosearch cost?

Pandosearch is customized for every customer which makes it hard to determine a general price in advance. Our pricing model is based on an implementation process followed by a fixed price that starts at 250 euros per website per month.

Do I need to pay per search?

No, after the implementation process you pay a fixed amount per website per month. You can also purchase support hours. So we don't charge extra costs per search. This keeps monthly expenses predictable.

How do I get my team on board?

In our information document, we only need 1 page to explain why Pandosearch is the best search solution for your website. Share this document in your organization to inform your peers. You van download it here.

How do I change the order of search results on my website?

There are various methods within Pandosearch for this, such as keymatching, boosting and ranking.

Do I need to change my website to implement Pandosearch?

No, Pandosearch takes care of the implementation and your website does not need to be changed. Our software automatically indexes all content on your website and ensures that it is findable via your search bar. Please note you do need to connect your search bar to our API, but we'll gladly assist you with that if needed.

What does the purchasing process look like?

We also work on a tailor-made basis. We keep the quotation process simple: we look at how many search engines are needed and determine the implementation costs. After that, we get to work in consultation and after the first delivery there is room for feedback, so that we ultimately deliver exactly what your website needs.

Does Pandosearch work on ecommerce websites?

That depends. Pandosearch specializes in textual content, so if the product pages contain a lot of text, Pandosearch is a good solution.

What is a "Pando" anyway? 

Sometimes confused as Pandasearch we actually have very little to do with pandas. No, Pando is a colony of trees (also called the Trembling Giant) with a huge underground root system, which makes all trees together form one organism. Pando is therefore the heaviest and oldest organism in the world.
Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
– over pandosearch –
Enrise is founded in Amersfoort, The Netherlands: a digital agency specialized in complex IT solutions.
Matchminds is founded in The Netherlands, specialist in site search technology.
Enrise acquires Matchminds and integrates domain sepcific knowledge.
Enrise wins an award with Pandosearch for best search technology.
Team Matchminds is being renamed to Team Pandosearch, and starts to further develop the product.
Pandosearch incorporates as a independent company, to fully focus on the development of search technology. Pandosearch continues to work closely together with Enrise.