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Site search is complex. Let us handle it for you.
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You are  in good company

We help our customers by processing millions of search requests for them
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What are your website visitors looking for?

and can they find it?

the problem

Your organization runs a large and complex website with a lot of information and traffic.

Visitors use the search bar to navigate all this content. But when they can't find what they are looking for right away, they get frustrated and leave.

Bad search is bad for your website. But search technology is complex and is often difficult to implement and maintain. It requires specific knowledge that puts a strain on your IT department. This leads to unsatisfied visitors and customers, more support requests, lower conversion rates and frustrated marketing executives and IT staff.

And does anybody know what your visitors were looking for in the first place?

the solution

Search as a service by Pandosearch

Your website deserves great site search! Pandosearch delivers advanced site search that is exactly tailored to your website’s objectives.

We lighten your IT workload by handling everything from implementation to maintenance of the search function of your website.
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  • with more than a 100 pages with textual content
  • with more than 5,000 visitors per month
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Discover what great site search does for your website and company.
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happy visitors, happy customers

Lead visitors to the right information.
Get lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates and fewer questions.
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reduce your it workload

Site search can put a strain on your IT teams. Managed site search reduces this workload drastically and no more maintenance is required.
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quality, continuity and predictability

Site search is complex. Let us handle it for you.
That way, continuity and quality of your site search is guaranteed, while costs stay predictable.
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get insights, provide value

Reports and statistics provide insight into search behaviour. Enable data-driven decisions and improve your website’s content.

But of course that’s not all!

Pandosearch offers a lot of great features for your website search.
Contact us to learn more.
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Why customers choose Pandosearch



We have been working on search for quite some time. What can we say? We just love it.

tailored to your website’s needs

Our specialists do an extensive intake where we advise on the best way to implement your site search.

regular check-ups

We keep in touch to make sure your implementation still meets your needs and make adjustments if required.

excellent support

We are here if you need us. Our engineers are also our first line support agents, so we know what we are talking about.

GDPR-compliant & secure

Our infrastructure is GDPR-compliant, and our software is designed for security.
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Our customers get instant access to products and solutions. Pandosearch's search function offers exactly what we need.
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