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You are in good company. Pandosearch processes over 188,000 searches per day for customers.

Do your visitors find what they are looking for?

As a Content-manager,  IT-manager or Marketeer you manage complex websites with a lot of information and traffic. Unfortunately, the search function is often difficult to implement, requires a lot of specific knowledge for maintenance and does not always show the right search results. And when visitors can't find what they are looking for, they drop off. And do you know what they are actually searching for?

Your website deserves the best site search

Free up your IT department. We deliver advanced site search as a service, that is precisely tailored to your website objectives and we completely take care of the maintenance of your search function.

Respond to the information need by gaining insight into search behavior. Help your visitors better by directing them to the right content. Because better search leads to a higher conversion and fewer support requests.
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Site search is complex. Pandosearch frees up your IT department by completely taking care of it for you.

Benefits and features

Our lightning-fast search function supports complex websites and infrastructure. There is no need to change your website. Implementation is easy and no maintenance is required.
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Help your visitors to the right information

Make sure your visitors find what they are looking for. Increase the conversion rate of your website, while decreasing the number of support requests.
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Respond to information requests

Our reports give you insight into the search behavior. You decide which content is important and should appear in the search results.
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GDPR-compliant and secure

Pandosearch only indexes public website content and therefore hardly collects any personal data. Our infrastructure is GDPR-compliant and secure.
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Site search as a service: easy implementation, no maintenance

You do not have to change anything on your website. Our experts ensure that everything fits perfectly with your existing infrastructure.
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Real-time Reports

Real-time insight into search data. Learn what you visitors search for on your website so you can provide the right information.
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Boost search results

Boosting means selectively marking content as important, making it appear higher in the results.
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Synonyms and spelling correction

Pandosearch automatically corrects spelling mistakes and returns the correct search results for synonyms (e.g. insurance and assurance)
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Real-time search and search suggestions

Type in a few letters and you will see the search result immediately. Pandosearch suggests possible search terms to the visitor if desired.
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Admin Panel

View your indexed content, start crawlers and manage synonyms in a management environment.
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Multi-language support

Make multilingual content available via one search bar. Pandosearch finds multi-language content just as easily.
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Keyword highlighting

The search term is shown in the results with a highlighted color for more context on the individual results.
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Search index always up-to-date

Your content is continuously crawled and indexed, so your visitors always find the latest, most up-to-date information in the search results.
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Customised implementation

We analyse your current website and infrastructure and ensure that the Pandosearch implementation fits in perfectly.
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Regular contact

After completion, our relationship manager regularly schedules a meeting with an engineer to discuss whether everything is still working as it should.
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Dutch & English Supportdesk

Our company is based in The Netherlands, but we are happy to help you in either Dutch or English.
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Years of experience

Our search specialists have been developing the very best search functionality for over ten years.

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What is site search?

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Proud of our customers

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“In the reports of Pandosearch we saw that many people searched for bicycle insurance. So soon you will also be able to insure your bicycle with us.”

Liberty Global

“Our customers get access to products and solutions at lightning speed. The search function of Pandosearch offers exactly what we need.”

Brand New Day

“Pandosearch relieves the pressure on our support department, because our customers are more likely to find the answer to their questions themselves using Pandosearch's search function.”​